Error 403 Forbidden. Inaccessible FTP

Username: epiz_26511160

Full Error Message: 403 Access denied

Other Information:
I can’t check if there’s an error on htaccess because I can’t access the FTP using the provided credentials. It was fine yesterday but right now I was about to check it but it gave me 403 error. I tried to access the main domain but it redirected me to

wrong Username sorry.

Username: epiz_28510506

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Same here. Yesterday (June 21) there was a 404 error, today a 403 error.
This is not an .htaccess error, since my site was working fine for weeks until the last change. This is obviously some sort of server-wide thing, possibly due to some settings change or software update.
Could someone from InfinityFree post an announcement on what is going on please?
Thank you.

Update: It is now 404. Image below.

I have same issue as yours, we have to wait for Admin to respond.

This may be an internal error as many are experiencing the same issue.
Please be paitent

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