Error 0

Username (epiz_32680532)

I am getting error message during demo import.

Error Message

I am getting error in demo import [(Error (0)]
It’s from servier side. i request you resolve it.

I attached a screenshot for your reference.These error is showing in all demo import

You may want to try locating the download online, then uploading it manually to your site.


It’s not working

I tried new theme with fresh installation. but it’s working.

I attached a another Screenshot for your reference.

I am gettieng same error in all theme.

How big is the file?


File Size is Very Low. 48 KB Only

Try unzipping the file, then uploading the resulting contents over FTP.


i don’t know. in which place upload

From what I know, this doesn’t seem like standard WP functionality. Looking it up I see it’s a plugin from the creators of the theme you use. Their documentation is a bit vague, but make sure you’ve read it:

I think you’ll have a better chance asking at their support forum for help:

From a post I saw on another theme by them, they don’t seem to recommend using free hosting, but can give you the files for an alternative upload method, so you can make a new post and ask them something similar for your theme:


I already used these theme. but it’s not working. when i am importing demo. I can see Error 0

It’s from server. i request you find these error. and resolve it.
if it’s happend in one demo. i can understand. but it is happending in all demo import. so you need to find these error. and resolve it. it’s not from any other theme or plugins.

These error is from server. i request you. resolve it.

Just to be clear: while it’s our server, we cannot take full responsibility to fix any issues with anything that runs on the server. Remember: the PHP code you upload or install on the server is also “on the server”, but we’re not going to debug the code of your website because it doesn’t work on our hosting.

We provide the hosting, it’s up to you to provide website code that works with it. If your code doesn’t work here, that’s up to you to fix. We’re not going to change our services or make custom plans because it’s easier for you.

That said, I am willing to try to see what could be causing this and what we could do to fix this. But to do so, I need reproduction steps.

Please clearly state (and provide links to) which theme you’re using, which plugins you are using to handle the demo content and where this demo content can be downloaded.


What do you mean of responsblity ? if any thing getting error! than, who can support me? These error from your side. that’s why i shared you these problem. it’s only for you can do these. why is not working it. because you don’t want. we will use these service free of cost. You are providing these service. only who is paying these service.

You may setup something in these portal. because of we will pay these service. Am i right ?

We will pay. but don’t hurrest us. please resolve it.

This is a free service, so there is no dedicated support desk for problems you encounter, just this community forum.

In the past few months, you are the only one who has reported this issue, so it’s not something that is affecting lots of people.

Of course, we will be happy to help you, but you will need to anwser Admins questions before we do so.

If you would like to upgrade to premium hosting, you will have access to premium support, as well as higher limits.


I just check. i can see. i need these configration

For the demo import to work properly, the PHP configuration on your server should be:

  • Maximum Execution Time 360
  • Memory Limit 256M
  • Post Max Size 32M
  • Upload Max Filesize 32M

Is that available in these server ?

No, they aren’t. Your website is returning a vague error which doesn’t provide any information as to why it failed. It could be due to an issue with the server, but it could be something else entirely. I don’t see anything that’s objectively a server error. And until I know for sure what thing on the server is breaking it (and if such a thing is even involved), I can’t fix it.

No, all the limits on free hosting are lower than that.

  • Max execution time: 60 seconds
  • Memory limit: 128 MB
  • Post max size: 20 MB
  • Upload max size: 10 MB

It’s possible that the demo import is failing because it’s running into one or more of these limits.

If so, there is nothing we can “fix” because our hosting is working as intended. It’s free hosting, the limits are good for a basic site and not much more than that. If you need more server power, we offer premium hosting for that.


Thanks for your Answer. It’s My Mistake. Sorry. These problem is Solved. The Problem is ssl mixed content. Thank You for your support.

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