Erro fatal em atualização do elementor

Já excluí meu site duas vezes pelo fato de um bug na atualização do elementor que dá erro fatal. Ele se desativa sozinho e desta vez apareceu a seguinte mensagem:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Elementor\Controls_Manager’ not found in /home/vol14_6/ Stack trace: #0 /home/vol14_6/ Elementor\Autoloader::init_classes_map() #1 /home/vol14_6/ Elementor\Autoloader::get_classes_map() #2 /home/vol14_6/ Elementor\Autoloader::load_class(‘Core\Logger\Man…’) #3 [internal function]: Elementor\Autoloader::autoload(‘Elementor\Core\…’) #4 /home/vol14_6/ spl_autoload_call(‘Elementor\Core\…’) #5 /home/vol14_6/ Elementor\Plugin->__construct() #6 /home/vol14_6/ in /home/vol14_6/ on line 141

Eu tive esse mesmo problema anteriormente, excluí tudo e comecei do zero, inclusive em outro banco de dados novinho que criei e na primeira atualização isso ocorre novamente.
Espero respostas válidas desta vez!

site em manutenção:

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Can you try to force remove the plugin by going on htdocs/wp-content/plugins and removing the “elementor” folder with a FTP client?
After that, download the fresh zip of the plugin from here, extract it on your computer, and upload the “elementor” folder always with a FTP client on the same location you used to remove the failed Elementor update.

I had already thought of that, but the last few times I did I lost my most recent settings. This time I just changed the “includes” folder since the error message just pointed to it. This time it worked, but every time I update the plugin will give this fatal error? I am already afraid of updates because it always happens.

PHP scripts on most hosting servers (including ours) have restriction on how long they can run and how much they can tax the server. If they exceed these limits, the script is killed with potentially harmful effects on whatever it was working on. If it was working to upgrade a plugin, the plugin will be left in a broken state.

Elementor is a quite big and complex plugin, so it’s more likely to run into script limitations than a simple plugin. If so, manually updating this plugin may be necessary from now on.

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Hi, I had the same issue.
I removed the elementor file, updated the new one but no change. I accidentally removed the index file from htdocs/index.htlm :open_mouth: and I can’t get it back which make the situation worse. Could you send me back the file index.htlm for me to upload it back?

Which index file are you referring to? I could send you the index2.html file we install by default, but that file doesn’t do anything expect for being a pretty welcoming page. And if you are looking for a file which you deleted from your website, I’m sorry to say we don’t keep backups of your website.

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