My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: When i open my website i see problem ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL ERROR and This site can’t provide a secure connection

I’m using this software: Google Chrome

Additional information: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL ERROR

There is a system crash in the cloud system, admin will sure fix it within a day. Users have been experiencing SSL handhake errors within the past hour. Feel free that there is no problem with your website setup as it is the hosting provider’s issue.
Please be patient and im sure it will be resolved.
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Thank you for the answer because I feel I did not experience an error alone. :laughing:
For admin, i’m waiting for good news :wink:

I have the same problem with my site
hopefully if it is fixed soon

I hope too, because this web for transactional daily activities.

Same issue across 3 sites- separate thread here SSL Protocol error on all site this morning across 3 different sites which I started before finding this one (sorry!)

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No problem…
Until now it has not been resolved…

In a nutshell, the default, self signed SSL certificate was removed. If you were using it on your website before, you can switch to using HTTP connections instead of HTTPS in the mean time.

You can read more about this in the outage notice I just posted:

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How i can switch connection from HTTPS to HTTP if i use hosting from infinityfree?
Because every post use host from Cloudfare…

Then change your .htaccess file if you set from it.

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You can switch your connection back to HTTP in the same way you set it to HTTPS in the first place. Our hosting servers don’t enforce HTTP or HTTPS by default, so any redirects are caused by your website software or configuration.

.htaccess rules are a common way to enforce HTTPS, but some scripts can also be configured to redirect all traffic to HTTPS.


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