My website URL is:

The entire website has been inaccessible due to this error (ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED) for over half the time since I launched it a month ago. It has something to do with your service, or how you registered it to DNS. This was the case even when you had the issue where you were replacing hardware and it was down for everyone. I only ever get this error when the site is down. We bought/registered the name through your service, you are the first to use it, but there seems to be some DNS issue happening related to your service. Please help.

The site is HTML uploaded using FTP client:


From my device the website is fully operational and visible and the problem is not of our hosting, however “Err_name_resolution_failed” is a browser and device-specific DNS Server problem, which requires resetting browser (usually Google Chrome is affected) or “flushing” the DNS Cache of your device which can be done by opening Command Prompt (CMD) through the Search feature in Windows Operating Systems

  1. ipconfig/flushdns
  2. ipconfig/release
  3. ipconfig/renew

What these commands are going to do, is that they are going to clear out the DNS Cache of your device (DNS Cache is an older saved record of a server to which a domain led to) therefore by inputting the second command the ipconfig is released and the third command will renew the DNS Settings.

Restart your computer and see what happens afterwards.

I’m sorry but this did not solve the problem, it’s not even the cause. The site was up fine this morning without even needing to follow your procedure, but now it is completely down again with the same error. I just followed your procedure and it had no effect on any device and my internet works just fine. And whenever the site is down, I cannot bring it up on any browser, not just chrome. I cannot ping it nor do an nslookup on my site domain. I can’t even ping the 2 name servers you have me set ( and but I can ping any other standard website domain that I want. Your DNS/nameservers appear to be going down sporadically somehow.

For example, pinging (with an -a flag) “ns2_epizy_com” (replace ‘_’ with ‘.’) gives an address of [], but timed out and could not be reached. Pinging that IP address gives the domain “ns3_byet_org” and again, is not reachable. But pinging the domain “ns3_byet_org” gives the address [] and that ping was successful. So I’m not sure what the issue is there, my knowledge is limited.

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