So I recently have been getting this error, and all my DNS settings are correct (if you use whoamI it says my nameservers point to InfinityFrees name servers"

I am currently using google domains for my domain and G-suite for my email. My email does work and i set the MX-Records in Cpanel but my main domain will not work and I tried changing it many times. I have also waited 72 hours each time changing.

However, my second parked domain ( photography (dot) rjamkatel (dot) com) works perfectly fine, so could some help me figure out this issue?

Thank you,


" This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.


That’s odd, your nameservers settings look good but somehow the DNS records don’t seem to be present on our nameservers.

Could you please try to remove the domain from your account and add it again? That might cause the DNS records to be generated, which should fix the issue.

Thank you!

It looks like it is working now :slight_smile:

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