My website URL is:

I signed up for cloudfare a few days back and changed the nameservers to them, and since then this error persists.

I have changed the nameservers back to the original, previously provided by infinity free. DNS seems to be completely propogated as the WHO.IS info is coming up with the infinity free nameservers, though, the site still refuses to work.

Cloudflare takes up to 24 hours to fully configure your website after changing nameservers, if 24 hours passed then Double check changing name servers you might misspelled.

Hi @RayanTovi ,

Did that already. I am currently using the infinity free NS, and am pretty sure the spellings are correct.

It’s been more then a day that the changes were made and are updated as we can see on WHO.IS, but the DNS still refuses to resolve.

Well then i think only @Admin can help you

I’d love to help you with this, but it looks like your domain name is currently not hosted by us or by Cloudflare. Can you please change your domain’s nameservers so they point to our servers again?

Hi @Admin ,

Thanks for your reply.

Apologies for the late reply. I was waiting for my domain provider to change the nameservers to yours.

Now I see the changes are in effect, and I see the same issue again.

Can you help?


I checked your domain’s nameservers, and now they are pointing to the nameservers of, not to us. Can you please double check your domain’s nameservers to make sure they are pointing to us? Judging by the WHOIS information, that’s probably with Go Daddy.

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