ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error after few days


It was working fine for few days after I set it up, today I check few times from different places and the site is not uploading

Error Message

this site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


What can be the issue? Please help

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Seems like the server IP your website is on ( is also currently down, maybe because of maintenance or a DDoS attack. You’ll have to wait until this gets fixed, or you can move your website to a new hosting account that doesn’t have this issue.


also have this same issue on a .143 page …

what exactly would be a DDoS attack? have attacks been happening? what would be the rationale on free servers?

as a workaround for down times generally, i’ve found a setting with the cloudflare guys where it would substitute timeout errors with versions from the wayback machine automatically … brilliant idea if it works … have to still try it out in practice :slight_smile:

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many people on free hosting put up content that others dont like causing aggravation and then attacks, we sit in the middle of this feud


A DDOS attack is basically when a bunch of infected computers send a ton of requests to one server; the server can’t handle all these requests and then it crashes.


Thanks for you replies
How long usually these attacks last? I can wait a day or two if needed, but not more than that

interesting who those ‘others’ may be …

i understand cee cee pee attacks on foreign governments and vice versa etc.

but those little beeps by us tiny low-to-non-profit ‘artists’ … seems surreal. but then again, maybe that’s how fundamenal free speech is, really. how desperate those have gotten who’re ‘lying’ …?

ah, ok. so ‘infected’ computers are hacked to attack, is that what’s happening?

quite crazy. like a digital zombie slave army.

truly mad world …

Someone could also abuse certain free/cheap providers in order to DDoS a service, it is not that deep.


hm, well the rationale for doing such a thing is still deep, at least for me …?

It’s not that deep. Launching DDoS attacks large enough to take down major websites aren’t that difficult.

I remember that a few years ago many major websites in the country got attacked and went down for an extended period of time. Some “cyber experts” claimed Russian and North Korean hackers were behind it. But it turned out that it was just a 17 year old guy who was bored and launched the attacks for fun.

We’ve seen attacks take anywhere from less than an hour to more than a week. All we can do right now is wait for the attack to be over.


this one is still not accessible, although ftp works fine …

should i move or wait. i don’t mind wobbly connections, especially if the cloudflare wayback system works …

would need access to stage and add custom domain etc for now …

back up the wp install with ftp?

totally crazy …

… although - the whole mind control stuff is still deep and as far as i can see not (anymore) ‘conspiracy’.


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