My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Every 5-10 minutes I loose access to my site and I get an “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” message from the browser.

I’m using this software: Google Chrome Versión 70.0.3538.77 and Indexhibit CMS.

Additional information: I’ve seen similar issues reportes these days related to malfunction of servers. Could it be possible that this issue is still under fix?

Thanks a lot in advance! I really appreciate InfinityFree’s service.

I noticed that sometimes after refreshing your site and subdirectories that error is thrown out

I want to ask you
is there some special reason why you have chosen Indexhibit instead of wordpress ?

so much work you done following all installation procedures from indexhibit, etc…
for a little yellow left side menu and some tiny text…

I would use WP without thinking (more sustainable, secure and a large number of templates as well as plugins)

control panel > Softaculous apps installer > WordPress


I’ve been using Indexhibit for a number of years. So it was a great solution back then. Some time ago, on another hosting, I lost my site and recently decided to build it up again, so I haven’t create much yet, that’s why it looks so emtpy.

On the other hand, I wanted to try WP out too! But never really put my hands on it. So thanks a lot for the tip! I’ll surely try it out with the control panel installer.

Do you suspect that the CMS is somewhat clashing with the server?


Well, I just create a new site with WP installed and now I understand why it’s preferable. It looks great, overflows with options to personalize and it’s very dynamic.

Sadly, the server error issue is still going on with WP. So it appears to be something related with IP resolving or the server itself.

I do not know on which address/subfolder/domain you installed WP

but if is on some new domain which is just added to the system than you should wait

or you have installed wordpress in subdir /wp/ (default)
so you do not see it when visiting new domain

If you want your users to access your site at
(call WordPress with the domain name) you will have to leave the In Directory field blank on the Softaculous/WordPress install form, then WordPress will be installed on the root of your domain ( htdocs ).

It sadly is, because it’s a server issue. The IP address your website is on has frequently been attacked for the last few says, causing problems with accessibility. We’re doing what we can to try to stop this.

Dear Admin,

Thanks for your reply! It relieving, in some way, to know what’s going on. I appreciate the work that’s being done to solve this issue.

Even this other site I created with WP has just been deactivated. I guess due to this strange activity on the server (I’ve just created a ticket for it).

I’ll be patient. And let me know if i can help with anything.



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