I registered a external domain ( and I put the dns’ of infinity free and I created a new account, but, when i want to go to my domain, I have the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error, I have aproximatly 24 hours waiting, maybe i have to wait 48 hours because of DNS? :#

You registered it with Freenom? If yes, Verify the nameservers setion

I’ve checked your DNS settings, but you did not change the nameservers of your domain name. Your domain name is still pointing to the Freenom nameservers, albeit with some very weird and very broken DNS settings in their DNS zone.

Check Freenom’s documentation on how to change the nameservers of a domain. That setting is almost always separate from setting the DNS records of a domain name.

i´ve already change the dns

ok i´m going to try
thank you

what are the infinity free nameservers?

ok I´ve change the nameservers to and now im going to wait

nothing happen at the moment

The DNS settings are good now.

thank you