My website URL is:

I have hosted my website yesterday my domain provider is freenom . I have set dns nameservers to and but my site not working. It shows err_connection _refused.

Your Website is working fine for me. Try clearing caches
Press CTRL+F5 from computer or clear all of the browser caches.
If it still doesn’t work then it might be dns cache problem which will be solved automatically within few hours.

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see this is the problem I have cleared cache and cookies but the problem remain same some time it will show 404 not found sometime else can you please share the screenshot of my website.

here is the screenshot of your site. You should try using incognito mode and if it doens’t work their then it might be something wrong with dns caches.


Yes, It’s pretty much working on your device but on my phone it still showing 404 not found. Can you please let me know how to clear dns cache.

check this

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If it still does not work on your Phone and you have already flushed DNS, consider switching to a faster DNS provider.

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