My website URL is:


I’m using this software: my own CMS

Additional information: I use filezilla and notepad++
I use my own CMS. I work on my php file directly in the website. I first saw the message “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” on the file I am working ( Then in the main page of my web site.

There are similar topics in the knowledge base but I could not suceed to solve my problem by using directions in knowledge base

I’m sorry to dive in to your post. I was just about to make a similar post. I too have a similar problem, I’ve been trying to access my website and it says REFUSED TO CONNECT - ERR_CONNECION_REFUSED. I can’t even have at least an access to my wordpress panel to continue editing my website so far.

Dear Thuthukani

I have experince the problem first time today. I have a subdomain for forum of the web site, this problem is not apear in subdomain.

When did you experienced the problem

The whole day today.

Same problems here, I guess. Have been reloading my website over and over again, and came to a point were I have no other options or explanations… ( )

No clue…

Interestingly FTP and all other features are working properly

I’m so frustrated right now.

Is their a solution yet?

Finaly my site works properly

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Yeeeees thanks ptptpt for the update. ey it’s been a long day of constant refreshing of our sites.

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Thank you admin and the team.

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Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you admin and team

There was an issue with some IP addresses. This issue has been fixed now and your website seems to be working from here.

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