Erorr on my chat.php (message system)

i checked everyting connection from database and connection names inside the htdosc in infinity file manager
i saw topics they said you need to remove saftey and i dont know how
can someone post pic or video to what to do ?

The word chat is forbidden on infinityfree.

And if you are actually building a chat system then your act broke our ToS.


Also, as it very clearly said in the topic template: the informal category is not for support requests. So please don’t put your support requests in the information category. Use the support category for support requests.


since im new member of this website im learning of it
and its cool to know you guys!!

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sorry to keep you waiting the chat system i build
i make it for my own company people to chat between them even admin

chat_message is the recored i just need to know if there something wrong

A live-chat system can easily overload the free servers, which is not allowed.

However it should be okay if you are building a support ticket or a forum like system (as long as it’s not live). Similar systems are allowed, including WordPress’ comment system.


oooooooooh now i understand soo the way that i get the erorr 403 its becuase you block it not a mistake in my code?
good to hear that
if if im not making chat message system
i can make like call system ?
i want something effectiv

That’s even heavier I’m afraid. Unless you have a different meaning of what I’m thinking right now.

The best chance is that you make it like a forum system, so it doesn’t overload the system in like 3 minutes.


i see thanks you soo much sir
and to the admin of course
i get my info
you can close the post

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No need. The post will automatically close 7 days after the last reply.


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