Eror open file manager

hello admin @ help me I have a problem in the file manager login, the file manager asks for a login password and I don’t know what the password is, usually it works right away but currently I can’t access my file manager, is there a problem with the server? thank you

Use filezilla?

no, my brother

@Dikapratama, yes, there was a server error earlier, so please try again now.
Best of luck!

(Also, the username and password can be found on the left-hand side of the client area)

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Yes, thanks bro, I can access the file manager again, but what makes me still curious is how do I see my file manager password? Where can I see it?

On the infinity free client area for your site.

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If you click on the File Manager link in the client area, you should be logged in automatically. If you aren’t, then something may have gone wrong with your password.

You can usually fix this by logging in to the control panel once. If you still can’t login after that, then changing the password and logging in again usually fixes this.


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