Epizy control panel keeps logging me out - How to make my website?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


So I just started using infinityfree. The control panel (epizy) keeps signing me out whenever I refresh or click another button and I have to log back in every time.

Also, it doesn’t let me edit index2.html in the htdocs folder.

Error during FTP upload, permission denied at: “/htdocs/index2.html”.

And I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes, but nothing loads when I go to my website. I tried going to just imagienworld.rf.gd , imagienworld.rf.gd/index2 , imagienworld.rf.gd/index2.html , imagienworld.rf.gd/index.html, etc.

I don’t want to use a website builder like wordpress or something. I want to create the website from scratch and my goal is to create a 2d online multiplayer game with the website. So, how do I do it?

Ok, so I decided not to use filemanager.ai but filestash.app. There seems to be no problems with filestach.

Also apparently my website redirects to ww0.rf.gd and it says that my website has to wait 1-72 hours.
Once it is online, do I just go to imagienworld.rf.gd/index.html? Or imagienworld.rf.gd/htdocs/index.html?
How to make a main page (imagienworld.rf.gd)?

This is what I see when I visit your website:

This sounds like an issue with the cookies in your browser. Try clearing your cookies (See link below)

As for why the online file manager does not work, it does that sometimes. Personally, I would recommend using a desktop FTP client such as FileZilla.

True. This is due to a process called DNS propagation. The article below explains the process as well as how you can speed it up on your device.

index.html is considered an index file, so it will show when you visit imagienworld.rf.gd or imagienworld.rf.gd/index.html.

Create an index.html or index.php file!

The reason why you may not be able to see your website is because (A) DNS propagation (See the above link), or (B) your browser has saved an old version of the site (See link below).


Let me know if you have any questions!


Hi, thanks for the quick-ish reply. I was taking a nap so didn’t see it until now. I tried clearing my DNS cache using elevated command prompt “ipconfig /flushdns” just after I made this post 5 hours and once again right now.
I also tried clearing my chrome’s browser cache, but when going to my website—it still redirects to the ww01.rf.gd link.
Then, I thought about my VPN and maybe that’s the reason. So I disconnected and reconnected to another IP, and voila, my website loaded.

So—the latter half of my post asks if I can make a 2d online multiplayer game with my website. Infinityfree said unlimited hosting, so that’s why I chose it. How do I setup and host a webserver with infinityfree to make a game with a server-client infrastructure? Can I setup websockets?

Besides that, how do I store data within my website? I want to make an account system with login and all that. If hosting a multiplayer real time browser game natively within my website is impossible, could I host a webserver (for the game) elsewhere and connect websockets from my website to that webserver?

But still, a native login system is absolutely necessary. How do I do that first?

Unlikely to happen

Not likely as well

You have to figure it out yourself. Remember, you are the admin of your website

You are likely to hit hosting limits and face suspensions

Setting up a website and setting up a server are different things. Take note


That’s because the default welcome page cannot be edited.

Please delete it and upload your own page instead.

No, we don’t. I don’t know where you got it from.

Just to clarify, you cannot setup your own web server with us, but you can build your own web application. The only thing to be aware of is that you’re limited to the hosting environment we provide, which means you can only write the server side part of your website in PHP.

The other thing you should note is that our hosting is intended for websites. If the client of your game runs in the browser on your website, it will work. But if it’s a separate application, then it won’t work.

Our hosting doesn’t support websockets, and websockets in PHP in general is a really bad idea. But there are services like Pusher that let you set up websocket connections from your Javascript code to their servers, and then push data from your (PHP) server code to that provider to send it to your visitors.

Most websites with dynamic functionality store data in a database. We provide MySQL databases for that purpose. But you can also use SQLite on our hosting or just store the data as files.

We can’t and don’t restrict what you can do in the Javascript code on your site. So sure, you can connect to a websocket server hosted elsewhere.


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