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Hello, ever since I created my account on InfinityFree, I’ve been receiving spam emails almost daily. They look like the image below, and have nothing besides an attachment without name, which is incredibly suspicious. I can’t find any help on the web or on the community forums about this. Thank you

Hello there,

That’s normal sales email from iFastNet, when you login to the Control Panel for the first time when you just created an account, there is a dialogue box asking you if you would agree to recieve emails to gain access to the Control Panel and if you don’t agree you could lose access to free hosting benefits as what the message box said.

I don’t know why it looks like that but I have never received such emails that looks like that from iFastNet and also their emails does not lead to the spam box in my email account. You can just safely ignore and delete it.


I see… I don’t recall agreeing to newsletters or sales emails or anything like that, but if the alternative (opting out) was being unable to use the Control Panel, it makes sense that I’d have agreed…

I’ll just keep on ignoring it, then. Thank you :slight_smile:

I also receive that kind of message in my Spam inbox

It is normal, as you can see, they didn’t encrypt their message.

The first time you logged into the control panel, you should have seen a big screen with the buttons AGREE or DISAGREE and some text about emails. If you clicked AGREE there, you have agreed to receiving these emails.

As for why those emails are so broken, I don’t know. We’re not sending them.


“We’re not sending them”… but they come from the Epizy.com domain, who is sending them? lol

Well anyhow, thankfully I only made this account for a small project for school that won’t last longer than a month… I sincerely hope the weird spam stops after my account is deleted, at least…

Ifastnet staff, Infinityfree is powered by them, these emails come from hostings that they’re powered by ifastnet.


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