Epizy.com domains are too fragile

so after rf.gd got shut down i tired to move my website to another domain creating new website changing required data and so on but now compared to old rf.gd epizy.com is way to fragile
iam in still in the proccess of developing my website and with test and trail seeing how i reload about every other 20 seconds i see that epizy.com sub domains are too fragile
is it just me ? is epizy.com subdomains just like this or is it a tem issue ?

for reffrence the website is http://mcurse.epizy.com/ which previously was mcurse.rf.gd

thanks in advance

Hi, Assuming your talking about rf.gd being down, It is common for hosts to have short subdomains taken down, co.nf was taken down by the registry, generally because someone files a complaint, Also, there are no known issues with epizy.com.

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thanks for the quick replay , but for me every other 5 minutes while iam working on my website it redirects me to epizy.com page where there is cpanel and other stuff listed .
if you say there is no known issue with epizy then i might have some mistake in my coding i will review it asap

thanks again

So this is what i get when it does not work instead of my website

That’s not really a problem with the epizy.com domain, but rather a problem of how the internet works, or at least how your internet works.

Short answer: just be patient, it will fix itself automatically within a day or two.

Longer answer:


thanks in advance for the respond
which is an awsome answer.
i dont know if this info helps but i have 2 internet conections in home . one cable and one 4g simcard
for the simcard it does not load the website but with the cable it opened it just fine until a minute ago, hopefully as you said it will fix itself

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