Epizy blocked in Singapore?

**My website URL is:http://www.minnan.epizy.com/

Additional information:

My friend in Singapore said, he can't access my Forum in Singapore's Public Library. Singapore's Public Library is place where people surfed the internet for FREE.

Why it is so ???

i don’t think if it’s banned? has your fiend tried to use another internet?

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He told me through messager that he can’t access my Forum. ( in Chinese , so that’s why i can’t copy and paste his message ).

According to what i gathered.
he mostly is using his mobile to access FaceBook.

One more thing …
if i post or share a page of my Forum to a friend in faceBook
i always get a warning that ir’s against the Community Rules.
OMG, my Forum is promoting a Community !!
wondered if the auditor can read and understand Chinese or not to bar my link post ?
( of course, this is off topic here … :slight_smile: )

It wouldn’t be the first time another provider has blocked our domain name or IP addresses.

Keep in mind that we host hundreds of thousands of websites, many of which are on the epizy.com domain. We do what we can to stop this, but a 99.9% accurate filter on 100k sites still means there are 100 bad sites active.

Some companies are willing to help make the internet a safer place and report the issue to us. Others just block the entire domain or IP range for their own customers.

Company and education networks are notably restrictive in terms of blocking harmful content, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the library has blocked access to us.

If that were the case, then the library network administrators should be able to tell more about that. We don’t have any reliable way to tell that we’ve been banned by some other network.

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