Epizy ad appearing when opening site

I have a problem. When connecting with different ISP it shows an epizy ad, but with another ISP It’s working. Is it an ISP problem or something else?

Here are the pictures of trying with 2 different networks (2 different ISP-s)

Hello there,

Your site is also working fine with my end:

It could be because your other ISP’s DNS cache still have not updated.

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But the problem is that with the same network, It works in pc but it doesn’t work on mobile. Btw thanks for replying!

On your mobile device, try clearing your mobile browser cache.

I don’t think that’s the case because It’s the same on another phone.

And under the same network?

Yes under same network on another phone it doesn’t work so It isn’t about browser cache


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But why is working on pc and not on mobile?

All I can say it’s a problem with your mobile phone or your ISP.

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