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Why is my site down during this period? When I open a support ticket, it keeps repeating the same thing. I’m asking someone from support to let the site go;

Ticketed entrance Support Ticket #855491

What exactly are they saying?

Depending on the severity of the suspension they may choose to not reactivate your website. However, you might just be getting flagged by the automated system by mystake.


I checked the ticket conversation.

You got the same reply the first few times, which are admittedly not the most helpful messages.

But on the third reply, you were actually told:

Sorry it can not be unlocked on a free hosting account.

So that’s basically the end of it. Your account is not eligible for reactivation.

It’s strange that your account still exists though, it was suspended a long time ago so I would expect the account to have been deleted already.

It doesn’t really make a difference though. You cannot host your website on our free hosting. So if that’s what you want, then I cannot help you.


I can’t figure this out. How are the other 2 sites working?

And do the devils have to turn it off :@ I have a lot of stuff on this site and why did they stop my site

They found that your site was in violation of the Terms of Service in some way.


Because they are not on a suspended account?

Please read the message in the client area. Please read the replies you got in the ticket. They both tell very clearly what the issue is.

You may not understand it, agree with it, and you will probably not like it. But simply not liking a truth doesn’t make it false.


Hi Admin,

Just curious, what are the possible scenarios for how one could “overload the server” given the existing limits like no shell access, no exec, timeout, max execution time, max post size, requests and inodes? I think this is very rare except for creating an excessive amount of curl requests…?


There are a number of different reasons that may qualify as an “overload” suspension.

In this case: in addition to the usual daily limits, there are additional triggers that kick in if you go WAY past the limits. If that happens, you’re not going to get another chance to fix it after 24 hours. Going over the limits by such a ridiculous margin means your site is out.


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