Epiz_23152336 Account completely useless!

My account is also useless!!!
It worked! But now when I tries to upload file by any possible method it is automatically blank! 0 bytes! after uploading!
I can not maintain my site!!!
I can only delete items :slight_smile:

Does this answer your question? https://infinityfree.net/support/why-are-my-files-deleted-after-uploading/

If it doesn’t can you please respond with information about:

  • The type of files you’re having this problem with.
  • The size of the files.
  • The path where you’re uploading the files to.


type of files = normal valid html
size = 2 kB
path = my account root / htdocs (root folder where all the files should be normally uploaded to)

Not any possible way!
The file is created blank. While you fill it with the content it saves and then erase the content!
Try to create index.html there, edit it (full with html code) and save… Or upload other way - it dont work!
So I can not manage my files anymore…

It looks like you’ve been editing the default HTML file, rather than uploading your own. Please completely delete the file and then upload a new file.

When the instructions in a file say you should delete the file, then please don’t move, rename or edit the file.

No, of course I deleted the original file index.html, then I uploaded new index.html from hdd using FTP, then the file on the ftp become blank. Then I deleted it again, created new file using site File Manager, pressed Edit button, edited the content and saved… Then the file become blank again… :slight_smile:

If you can see the content of my website and as an admin you can edit it - then please try to delete index.html that has 0 kB and put there whatever you like :slight_smile: Then let me show that the content stays untouched :slight_smile: Then I will edit it with my content and I will reply you if it stayed also untouched or blank :slight_smile:

I have checked this issue in more detail, and it is caused by an uploading restriction in effect on your account. This seems to be caused by the excessive amount of user uploads performed on your website. Please remember that using our hosting for file and image sharing sites is not allowed. So please reduce your disk usage, and restrict uploading on your website.

If you need to distribute a lot of (image) files, please use a specialized file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Mediafire for that, or use an image sharing site like Imgur or Flickr. Those services are great and are much better at providing reliable, fast storage space for static files and images.

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