Epiz_19436310 - loading every page over 30 sec?

My all pages under domain: glas.epizy.com loading over 30 sec, no mather which php page.

Whats wrong ?

From my side, yes it is loading slow. This is because of minor outage. @Admin might be resolving this matter soon.

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glas.epizy.com = error 403

Can you please make sure that your website has a valid index page? That’s a file called index.php or index.html .

no i don’t need

my websides loading now again very slow…
time to time, just loading very slow, my php pages are ok.

the admin will investigate why it does not return headers or response at any request (any dummy file)

Next month ? :rofl:

@Admin, can you please fix this ?

Or i just move to my new acc, this working fine with all my same php pages.

I checked your website yesterday and it was slow for me as well. But I just checked it now and it seems fine.

From what I can tell, it looks like the storage system is having trouble keeping up at peak times. iFastNet is currently working to add more capacity, which should solve this issue.

This happen every day now… -.-

@Admin can you resolve this problem, or maybe the problem is resolved if i create new acc ?

And answer maybe this week !

Thanks !

I’m sorry, but I still haven’t been able to verify the problem you’re describing even exists, let alone what’s causing it. You could try to move the website to a different account, but I don’t know enough about the issue to tell if or how it can be solved.

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