EP limit suspension / images do not always load

Account: epiz_25260066
Site: https://www.old-rotherham.rf.gd

Been getting these for a few weeks, assumed the limits had changed and it was time to start looking elsewhere :frowning: . I know this sounds bad but I am happier that it’s a problem at your end and we have a chance of this been fixed and it isn’t something I have done :slight_smile:

Can you check my account and let us know the situation. I do use .php but it is not a busy site.

I have also noticed during the same time that pages with multiple images may take a few refreshes before all images appear.

Old Rotherham


This is likely the reason why you’re getting suspended.

About a month ago, rate limits were put in effect as well, which limits the number of files that can be loaded at a time. If you have a page with a lot of assets (usually images), you’ll hit that limit and additional requests will fail. If your site hits that limit a lot, it will be suspended.

So I think everything is working as intended for your account. You may want to optimize your page to reduce the number of concurrent requests, for example by implementing lazy loading for the images, or just displaying fewer of them per page.


Do you have any idea what these limits are.

A couple of pages have about 20 images but I would say average about 6.

They are reduced size (490 pixels wide) and the images are the reason for the site so removing / moving them is not an option.

The images not been displayed seems to be a constant recently so its seems like a maximum images per page, not after it reaches a limit.

The site gets low traffic so if it is hitting a limit then I believe the limit is too restrictive.

Any advice?


I split your posts to a separate topic. Discussing why your account specifically is getting suspended is not a subject for an outage topic.

No. They were, and still are, a closely guarded secret. A few people at iFastNet know the exact values.

Could you share links to some of the specific pages where sometimes not all the images load? I checked a few pages on your site, but I didn’t see any with a large number of images, or images that did not load.

The key issue is the number of requests. Making your images smaller doesn’t help here.

Yes, that’s how rate limits work. You can fire a certain number of requests, and any requests after that get blocked. So, say, the first 20 images load, then the limit is hit, and all the images being loaded in after that get blocked.

Perhaps the limits are incorrect. But then we’d see a lot more people whose account got suspended for hitting the EP limits, and looking at the statistics, the exact opposite is happening.

And if an issue affects a small number of sites, my assumption is that it has something to do with what happens on those websites.




as these are the pages with the most images.

I have tested with different browsers and desktop / mobile and get the same result.

I am still convinced that the problem is still connected with the “EP Limit” problem you stated in the original post.
Although I didn’t note the dates the problems started, the date you stated (21st April ? ) definitely seems about right,
This is around the time that both the “images not loading” problem and the “EP Limits” emails started.
Nothing changed to the website, no noticeable increase in traffic.
I had never had the “reached 50%” email prior but then suddenly I am receiving them and the suspensions (last was this week Mondays / Tuesday).

Hope this can be sorted.


Just received another over 50% email :grimacing:


Currently on another 24 hour suspension.

Also noticed that after a set number of suspensions its a full ban.

This is not due to a massive raise in traffic so can you please take another look.


@Old-Rotherham hi, i was also having issues with my gallery which has around 180 images and the ep limit suspensions

i removed my domain name from my old problematic account
created a new account with the domain name assigned to it
uploaded my website
cloudflare ddos protection enabled and a page rule to cache everything

deleted the old account

ive had no issues after this, i dont know if this helps but it seemed to work for me


Thanks, I will give that a try, probably over the weekend.

I currently have the IF domain name and a paid for domain name that I just forward to it.

Are you saying I can remove the IF domain from the account, create a new account and assign the same domain name? This will mean that the paid domain name will then be forwarding to the new account?

I will return and let you know how it goes.

Thank you

yes this will work fine

but if you wish instead of forwarding you can set the name servers on your paid domain to the infinity free name servers

then in infinity frees cpanel put your domain name as a parked domain

theres info on infinityfree if you seach, i would do it myself but i must go to bed now sorry but i’ll be back tomorrow


I’ve talked to iFastNet about this and they have made some changes which should help with this.

Aggressively caching everything with Cloudflare shouldn’t be necessary. You should be able to host a website here with some images on a page without getting suspended.


@Admin I will give it a few days to see whether I get any more suspensions but I am still getting the image problems with the initial test :frowning:

@lovebug Thank you for your advice. I will see what happens with the changes Admin has mentioned then I will look to implement them.

Thanks All


@Admin Received another 50% limit email :frowning:

@lovebug Hello,

Been looking in to the settings as it looks like your suggestions are going to be the ones to go with…

So currently have the free InfinityFree domain. ( www.old-rotherham.rf.gd/ )

Also have a paid for domain which is currently just forwarding to the Free domain. Will leave this for the moment until the rest is sorted then follow your advice to use “Parked Domains”.

I assume when I add a new account it will not allow me to add the same .rf.gd domain. Is it possible to get www.old-rotherham.rf.gd on to the new account?

or would it be a case of creating a new domain (maybe use one of the other extensions)? Would it then be possible to park the original .rf.gd domain to catch any links that are floating about on Facebook etc

Thanks for your help so far.


hi, sorry i accedently clicked dismiss new posts i lost everything
still isnt right but i found you again :smiley:

you could remove all the files from your old account and just put a single .htaccess file containing a redirect to your new account.

put this into .htaccess in /htdocs

Redirect 301 / http://my-new-site-url.rf.gd/

this will redirect anyone visiting your old link to the new site


Thanks for all your help. I am on it now.


@lovebug In regards to the 301 redirect , if the link is to a specific page will it find the same page on the new site?


If you request a page, for example /folder/file.php on the old site, your 301 redirect will take you to the same page on the new site. It will even redirect GET parameters (but NOT POST parameters).


Thanks for the reply


Where do I find these options?

The new site is still stopping downloading images after about 6 images :frowning:


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