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I think the problem you told me about “reaching entry process limit” might be the issue am facing
This might be the problem, because after editing for a while is when the error appears.
so how can i sort this issue?

Use a Plugin Called “WP Fastest Cache” and use this settings.

for now it is not responding.
when it does i will make sure to… use the plug in.

because for now, this is the error it gives me when i try to log in to wordpress

This page isn’t working

If the problem continues, contact the site owner.


Go FTP and Rename Plugin Folder to _Plugin Temporarily to disable all plugins. That will allow you to enter your website.

Remember to Rename it back though later after you get access.

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in my cpanel?
how should i go about renaming the ftp

when i want to save the settings… this is where it takes me to

If you don’t have FTP software, you can use File Manager in Cpanel. The Plugin folder should be under “htdocs/wp-content/”

508 Error is Entry Process Limit. That means if you try to refresh the page too many times, or too soon you your account will reach Entry Process Limit and with 24 Hours Account Suspension. So be aware about it.

Some people also benefit from the Heartbeat Control plugin. Normally, WordPress’ admin interface does some background traffic, which can rack up if you spend a lot of time in the editor. Maybe it can help you too?

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