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My website URL is:


What I’m seeing is:

Everyday I get a temporaly suspension message related to the “Entry process limit” I tried to optimize my wordpress site those days removing highly CPU usage plugins, and trying to optimize my image and other stuff on mi web. I haven’t got issues with mi blog since a long time… but I have been receiving that suspension message since october… and my site get suspendede everyday. I don’t know what to do o where is the problem.

I’m using this software:


Additional information:

In the past, I have some problems with the CPU usage limit and their reset cuota caused by the host fault. I don’t know that it could be a similar problem, but now with the entry process limit stats.


same Problem To Me also Sir Yesterday My Account As Suspended 6th November 5:00pm
And It Said it Will Reactivate in 13:02 Thursday 7 November (in 02 hours, 45 minutes)** your account will be activated again where you will regain full access!)
Now its 7:30 Still Now my Account Has Not Activated
Why I choose Cpanel Means It Is ultimate Storage For That Only I Choosed This Website
Other You Try Webhostapp.com it Is also Free Website Hoster Free Ssl But Limit Storage No CPU limits Its Free You Try This One Its is Good .

I wish I could help you, but we sadly don’t have more detailed metrics to help you figure out this problem. More fine grained resource usage counters and usage snapshots to help you figure out what’s causing the high usage are only available with premium hosting.

Do you have any reference for this statement?

The unlimited speed CPU has not been invented yet, so all hosting providers have some sort of CPU limit. The way they implement it may be different from how we do it, but I find it hard to believe that any free hosting provider would not have limits at all.


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