Enable a php extension in free hosting

Hi there!
I was wondering if it is possible to load php_gmp extension on free hosting account? As I have tried to find this option in control panel, it just allows you to change php version and basic features only.
I am trying to host a demo of my app which requires this extension to use Bitauth. My website URL on infinity free is: http://hldemo.rf.gd/?i=1
I am already running this demo on another host at this URL: https://is.gd/Healinks (if you would like to have a look)

Thank you very much in advance

You can’t enable PHP extensions nor modify other PHP things on free hosting. If your program requires other extensions to be installed, that program is not supported on free hosting and you must upgrade to Premium Hosting as it offers many features.

Thank you very much @Ergastolator1 for your reply.

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