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This mail is to inform you that your site with the username epiz_27378471 has utilised its daily resource limit.

This limit is reset every day and your site will be reactivated in 24 hours time (24 hour suspension )

The resources that your site has over used are :

io overuse

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I’ve moved to another server because my site kept on getting blocked due to the mysterious “io overuse”, I only use my InfinityFree as a redirect to my new address. I’ve deleted pretty much everything on the website, including the Wordpress plugins and much more, but today my basically empty site got blocked again.
What can I do to keep the site as a redirect only, and promise that it won’t get disabled again?

From admin in another post:

We keep track of disk and network load of all accounts and take action if the usage gets too high and might cause problems for other users.

The disk IO part specifically causes problem if your website makes a lot of changes to the files on your website. If you did things like installing and removing lots of plugins through your website, that might explain why the IO usage is high. If your website stores it’s data in files rather than the database, that might explain it too.

But all of that is just a guess. We keep track of how much server power your account uses, but don’t record exactly which script on which request causes this load. The amount of server power needed to process such detailed metrics is just too much to be done sustainably.


How are you redirecting your users? If your using some harsh PHP code, it will cause your site to overuse your IO allowance.

I’m not using php for the redirect, I’ve added a redirect line in one of the basic files (htaccess, maybe?). And I’ve deleted things from my site manually, and weeks ago, so that’s not what’s causing the io overuse.
I keep on thinking that I’ve deleted enough so that my site won’t be disabled - and keep on being wrong. Please, I don’t need anything on my website beside the redirect to my new address, what’s the fool-proof way to promise I won’t keep on getting blocked?

Well, this doesn’t exactly exist…

Just delete all the files but the file you use to re-direct. Or if you are on a different host, just move your domain to them as well.

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Please do the following.

  1. Delete everything in the /htdocs directory.
  2. Create a new .htaccess file in the /htdocs directory with the following code
Redirect 301 / http://yournewsite.com/

Replace “yournewsite.com” with the site you want to redirect to. Remember to leave the trailing slash “/”

Alternatively, just move the domain to your new host.


Ok @Greenreader9, tried what you said with deleting and the .htaccess file, let’s hope this works… Thanks.

Here’s an easier way:
Go into the CPanel of the domain that is being suspended and go to ‘Redirects’ and add your new website URL.

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