Embed .pdf from infinityFree domain on other webpage: not displayed

Hi all,

I need to embed .pfd files, which is located on my infinityfree domain, in on another webpage (specifically a survey). For this I uploaded the pdf files to my infinityfree domain using the file manager. Note that I haven’t built a webpage since all I need is to have these pdf files stored on my domain. I am trying to access these pdf files with the following code:

<iframe src="https://loanofficers.epizy.com/loan_files/test_page.pdf#toolbar=0"> </iframe>

The problem is that the .pdf file is not displayed, i.e. the where it should be shown remains blank but there’s no error message or anything. I tried i) whether the file that I want to embed can be accessed (file) and ii) whether the code above works for other pdf files on the internet and both things seem to work fine.

My domain is also secured with an https protocol.

Does anybody know what the issue might be?



If I am not wrong, pdf files are not allowed on free hosting. You may get suspended due to this violation


Thanks for your reply, I didn’t know that. I have 2 follow-up questions:

  1. If pdfs are banned on free domains, does it make sense that the embedded file is simply shown on the page where I want to display it?
  2. If I upgrade my current account to premium, I should not have any issues then?

Correction, pdfs are not allowed on free hosting

Well, you can try it at your own risk

You may have to check with ifastnet. (eg. chats are not allowed on both free and premium hosting)

You can host your pdf on GitHub pages or whatnot, just not iFastNet free hosting platforms. Then, you can embed them like you were trying to do in the original post.


Another issue you’ll run into is this security system:

This may make it impossible to embed anything hosted here into another site with iframes, including PDF documents.


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