Embed Not working

As you can see mitsuhabot.tk has embed working in discord
But in .ga it’s not working +
The website is loading very slow
I host .ga one here

Freenom is having some issue at the moment.

Do you expect fast website for free?

No bruh
Not issue with freenom
Issue with host i think as i host .tk one in different but it’s working fine
Not about speed i am saying about embed

Then this?
OpenGraph - Preview Social Media Share and Generate Metatags

OpenGraph embeds don’t work with our hosting due to this system:


What about removing the /?i=1

You can work around that using htaccess rules

Why bruh?
It doesn’t take cpu or storage
It’s just a simple embed

I want that or how will i make embed in discord

Sorry, it won’t work due to the security system.

So I don’t have any other way other than disconnecting my domain

Strictly speaking, that’s not entirely true. The requests for the OpenGraph is a request to your website, which can trigger a PHP script and generate CPU load.

But it’s fairly negligible.

The thing to note though is that we didn’t build this system to prevent OpenGraph embeds. That’s just a side effect.

The effect of blocking harmful bots coming at your website is good for all of us, and those can cause considerable harm. And it stops people from using our hosting as a free file distribution service, which also puts disproportionate stress on our servers.

And it should be noted that removing the URL suffix only removes the URL suffix, not the browser challenge itself. Like the article says: the system cannot be disabled.


Is my domain disconnected safely from infinityfree??
Btw thanks for this BEST support so far but need to go :frowning:

If removing it from the control panel is the first thing you did, then no, it’s not disconnected safely.

The safe way to disconnect it is to first change the nameservers or DNS settings of your domain, then to wait a few days, and after that remove the domain from your account.

You’ll be able to move your domain to your new provider regardless of the order you do things in. But changing the nameservers first allows you to control what content is shown on your site, instead of seeing only errors and parking pages.



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