Emails not Received at Roundcube.But sent Successfully.

Hi admin,

First of all i want to thank for your great services.

Just facing a little problem about not receiving the emails at my Roundcube email account.

I also set the MX Record to .

It’s been more than a day .For How long should i have to wait?

Is it some kind of server issue or another problem i am facing here right now?

Because it’s working fine on other Hosting account.


Kind Regards,

It’s impossible to say without knowing which domain you’re referring to.

Sorry for that.

Here it is :

Any Suggestion?
I am looking forward to your reply.


I just created a test mailbox on your domain and I was able to receive email without any problems.

I do see your email address starts with a capital letter. Are you sending to that email address as well, with the same capitalization?

I don’t think it’s a case sensitive issue.

But i still don’t receiving any user Contact form info from my website to my Roundcube account.

And working fine on other host account.

I’m a bit confused now as to what the problem is. So is the problem not being able to receive email or not being able to send email from a contact form?

it’s about not being able to receive the emails from the contact form.

Here is the domain :

@Mr_Danish said:
it’s about not being able to receive the emails from the contact form.

Here is the domain :

Have you seen the PHP mail FAQ article?

thesame issue sir, how to fix it? i created a form “Leave A Message” and set the email send to my account but when i test it i don’t receive any email from my site.

At the moment, you can only send registration and activation e-mails through PHP mail(). Outbound e-mails are filtered based on templates for registration, activation and confirmation e-mails. Other types of e-mail, like contact requests, newsletters, notifications, etc. will be dropped and not be delivered to your recipient.