Emails are not working

Do they? Because I was convinced that they wanted to receive email, and needed to setup some DNS records to do that.

So @LilySingh assumed (incorrectly) that our panel had a single section where all DNS records could be viewed where they could solve the problem. But our panel doesn’t have that, hence the question where to find it.

But just because MX Records are configured through a section called “MX Records”, not “DNS Records”, doesn’t mean you need an entirely new DNS provider.

This is the issue? Sending email from your website to a Gmail account doesn’t work? Because if so, please ignore everything everyone has said.

For starters, how are you sending the email? Are you just using the PHP mail function? Because that function pretty much doesn’t work here:

If you want to send email from your website, you’ll need to use an external email provider to send the messages. You can use your Gmail account for that, an email account on Go Daddy or something else. You can then use a PHP component like PHPMailer or Swiftmailer to send messages with SMTP.

We have an example contact form which uses PHPMailer. You can download it from here: