Email to restore my wordpress!

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Message error here: support hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

it said: “Ha habido un error crítico en esta web. Por favor, consulta tu bandeja de entrada de correo electrónico de administrador del sitio para obtener instrucciones.” (translate into english if you don’t get spanish)

Hello, i have a website on infinity free. When i was updating woocommerce on wordpress and return back on the website to see some things, i found this message error! Support must send me one email to restore my website,

Please i need it :frowning:

Support won’t. Help yourself out:


Thanks to answer me but I checked out my email in my email box (Gmail) so i don’t find any email from Wordpress. I have been looking for videos on youtube and some of people said web provider must send me one email if wordpress doesn’t send me email support automatically.

By default WordPress uses the mail() function to send emails, unfortunately, due to spam and abuse, it is disabled on free hosting. Try this guide, instead of videos:


All my best wishes to you! My website get back!

Thanks to support me :slight_smile:


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