Email strange text

Hello, on my email confirmation is strange text


How to remove the text.
If I upgrade to premium in infinity, the text will be removed?

With IFastNet, yes the email ad will be removed.

And the email service is long removed - only old accounts still have it. And there isn’t a way to

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I am not with old account
I am new member
I don’t want to change my host with ifasnet, I like infinity, I can upgrade in ifasnet and remove that ad and still using infinity as host, without changes?

InfinityFree uses the services provided by iFastNet. They are as trusted as each other (

I just want to remove that add in the email without changing hosts or something like that.
It’s not a problem if I have to upgrade accounts as I said in ifasnet, but if I upgrade I need to move to ifasnet?

As said, the text can’t be removed. And you can upgrade your account, domains and files using the vPanel, the option is highlighted below.

And yes, InfinityFree provides free (hosting) services. Not paid.

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Or Use an external third party email providers like Zoho, we cannot inject these textes in your email if you’re using third party.


Hi thanks.
Your answer helped

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