Email Question

I would like to got a email address with . Is this possible When i try is from your panel i tells me you don’t support it.

No, we no longer have email service due to prevent spam.


do you no of a free third party that offers it?

If you need a Email feature, you should buy Premium Hosting.
If you need something free, you should do some research and try find a good Email Client. Google is the best option for researching.

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While we don’t provide an email service ourselves, we do provide the option to set custom MX and SPF records, so you can use a third party email service while hosting the website with us.

Others here use Zoho, Yandex or ImprovMX for their email. I can’t vouch for their quality myself, but you may find use for those services.

Or you can upgrade to premium hosting, which does include a full featured email service.


do you have info on how to setup the mx records ?

The MX Records can be set up through the MX Records section in your control panel. Just delete any MX records for your domain name there right now, and add the records provided by your email provider.


awesome Thank you

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