Email notification on FTP uploads

Dear All,

should it be possible to set an email notification every time a new document is uploaded on my infinityfree FTP?

Thank you for your help

Hi and welcome to the forum

For what reason would you like to have it?
If your intention is to have a file sharing / file storage
then it is a violation of TOS 10.

This could not be done out-of-the-box !
But only if you have an FTP client (online via https) installed on your hosting space
and somehow further intercept traffic with the appropriate code

or a script that will periodically check the contents of a particular directory and alert you if the situation changes


Thank you for your reply. I use the FTP space as storage for a videocamera who sent from time to time some shoot , and I would like to be notified when It happens.

Kind regards

Please don’t do that. We provide a website hosting service, not a photo backup service. Please use another service for that.


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