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I created an HTML page, which uses HTML, CSS, Javascropts, and PHP to send messages from a form. Everything works and has been verified. I temporarily uploaded my files to a paid hosting service that I have access to (HostPapa) and when I send a message from the form, it goes through without any trouble. However, when I send from my free InfinityFree account, I see the message that I have coded into my PHP script that shows when the message fails to send (and, of course, the message actually does fail to send).

Is there anything special that I need to do within the PHP script that is specific to a free hosting site to allow messages to send?

Thanks very much!

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Hi KangJL,

I greatly appreciate your help, and I hate to bother you again. I’ve downloaded the contact form files and followed the instructions (copied to config, made the modifications, uploaded to a file that I hamed “contact”, etc.), however, when I attempted to test the form, per the instructions in the readme file (going to my website/contact/), I get a 500 error.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

Thanks much,


Can you turn on PHP errors and try again?

Open the control panel and look for “Alter PHP Config”, select your domain name and enable PHP errors.


That worked. Thank you.

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I uploaded the contact form, followed all of the instructions to use my gmaill smtp. Everything works perfectly!

I believe that this will be my last question. Is there anyway that I can get the contact form to show within a Bootstrap 5 modal on my webpage rather than within its own tab?

You’ve been awesome, and I really appreciate the help that you’ve been to me.



Yeah! You can modify the HTML and CSS on the page so it matches your website. The only thing that has to stay consistent is the PHP code and the setup of the HTML forum (Unless you also change the relevant PHP code).


All worked perfectly (and saved me on server space).

Thank you!


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