Email Issue

I have same problem. Please help me.

If you need help, provide more info.
Please do not hijack topic.


Dear “manhweb”,
It’s really sad to say that your post provides too little information to make others understand what happens. Unless we can have full access to your website (having the sysop power of your website), we cannot know what happened to you. And we don’t have that wheel power, and I strongly recommend you not to provide any private info (e.g. passwd)
So please tell us some more information. For example:

  • Whether you’ve subscribed the premium hosting service
  • What software[e.g.] your website uses

These information will help a lot.

P.S. I believe you’ve already Googled your question before you asked. But I really do think there’ll be a lot of solutions on Google.
P.P.S. Maybe it’s a good idea to read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. It can help you ask questions in a better way!
P.P.P.S. This is a forum, I guess. Some people here will try to solve your question if they can. But don’t forget the rights we have here is just the same as you. We are not in the wheel usergroup after all


(It seems that the <mark> tag doesn’t work in my browser… “Software” I mean is just something you uploaded to your website via FTP)

Dear all,
I’m just tried to comment on the same post topic with my problem.
When created new domain i recived this notification but i have 0/3 account and dont any email with new account created.
The domain i try to create is on my account.
The domain name is already added to a hosting account on InfinityFree. Please login to the control panel for the account to remove the domain from the existing account.

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