Email issue

Hello, there! My issue is, “Not receiving emails from [email protected] on [email protected].” Do I need to set up some DNS records specifically for that? Not only on [email protected], [email protected] is not receiving emails from [email protected]. In simple language, I am unable to receive emails from the same domain on the same domain name.

There are three reasons why this could happen:

  • Your website can’t send email.
  • Your email address can’t receive email.
  • There is a problem with the email routing preventing the website’s email from going to your mail host.

Some questions you could check to see which one it might be:

  • Can you send email to other addresses?
  • Can you receive email from other addresses?

Please note that we don’t provide any email service with our hosting. This includes email accounts and forwarders to receive messages with, and PHP mail on our servers to send email from your website. You’ll need to use external services for both of those things.


Yes, I can send emails to other addresses and can receive emails from other addresses.

Looking at the question again, I’m not sure why I asked the question.

The thing is: we provide a website hosting service, not email hosting or web development. We don’t provide an email service to send email from your website and we don’t provide an email service to receive email on your own domain.

The provider you use to send email from your website may have more information on whether the email was sent successfully. But if I had to guess, I would say that the receiving provider is blocking the message.

Whichever the case may be, there isn’t really anything I can do for you (except for maybe help with debugging), since we don’t do email for your domain.


Thanks for explaining to me in brief. I think now I have found the main cause of the issue. Now, I will make sure that I don’t ask any stupid questions. Sorry for that.

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