Email help

I need some help with either the right plugin or something for this what I need to do is send emails from my Wordpress site. I know that it isn’t natively supported which is ok with me but the question I have is there a way to have the email sent to an outside source for example gmail can send the email for me since its a limit to the server. or is there a way to setup the email to be sent using a free email account with infinity free or something. Please help me :frowning:

Um, due to very big (I must emphasize this) issues, the mail system has been disabled and accounts can not be made. But you need to configure MX records. This should help. You can use Zoho, Yandex, etc. as your mail provider.

A free and easy way to send email from your WordPress site is with Gmail. But you’ll need an additional WordPress plugin to help you send the email over an external system.

A quick Google search tells me this plugin is a free and quite popular option to send email. And it seems to have Gmail as an explicit option, which should help make the setup easier.

I haven’t used this plugin myself so I cannot guarantee it works, but it seems quite promising.


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