Email forwarding

I use a Domain from netim
After I have changed nameservers to I can no longer use email catching from netim.

Is there a solution in infinityfree??

Email inbox related to MX Records, not NameServer/NS.

Your domain can use InfinityFree Nameserver ( & but catch other sevice email inbox by changing your domain MX Records to that service’s MX Record on your InfinityFree Control Panel.
Ask Netim what is their MX Record for their inbox email. Or maybe you can see it on their default DNS Management.

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Is it possible with my free hosting account to catch email from netim and forward them to [email protected]

Email forwarding is a feature from an email service/host.
In your case, it’s Netim.
Does they have it on their email dashboard/settings?

yes they have, but it is deactiveted because if have changed their nameservers to

So that feature won’t work without their nameserver.
Maybe you have to consider about it again to change back to their nameserver.
Or move to other email provider/host (such as Zoho Mail, Yandex Connect, or G Suite).

We don’t provide any email service (including email forwarding). But if your domain name provider provides an email service, you can still use that on your domain.

I’ve never used Netim myself, so I don’t know their panel. But in your domain settings with them, there should be a DNS Management, DNS Record Editor or Zone Editor of some kind. In there, there should also be records with the type MX.

You can then login to the control panel for your hosting account with us, go to the MX Records section, and add the MX records from Netim to your account with us.

That should allow you to host your DNS and your website with us, but use the email service Netim gave you.

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