Email forwarding to Gandi

I have registered my domain with Gandi and am hosting using Infinityfree nameservers. I am no longer able to receive email at Gandi. I edited the MX entry on Infinityfree to add to my record but still cannot receive email.

I checked with Gandi and they list
@ 10800 IN MX 10 spool.mail.gandi. net.
@ 10800 IN MX 50 fb.mail.gandi. net.
@ 10800 IN TXT “v=spf1 include:_mailcust.gandi. net ?all”
as their MX records but I am only able to add URL’s to MX Entry on Infinityfree.

What is the correct MX record to direct email to the Gandi inbox, or how do I save the above mentioned @ lines to infinityfree?

Thank you

If your domain has been added to hosting account, you can switch it back to Gandi nameservers.
Just add in A record will do.

What is your domain?


You can change the nameservers back as KangJL Suggested, which I recommended too. You just need to run a DNS Check at your domain, switch it back to Gandi Nameservers then add an A Record to it.


You can add those MX and TXT(SPF) Records in the cPanel. All Records are “@”(apex domain) Records. The Priorities are 10 and 50 respectively in the MX Records.

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This means you need to create two MX records:

  • A record with server name and priority 10.
  • A record with server name and priority 50.

The last record is the SPF record, you can add that one through the SPF Records tool in the control panel.



Thank you all for your help. I have the email working by adding both MX records at the same time with their respective priorities. I’m still going to add the SPF record anyway just to be safe and remove it if something breaks again. I’m still investigating the A record option if it is the suggested solution. I’m unclear on the process. I could still host the wordpress instance on Infinityfree, but change back to Gandi nameservers and Gandi email if I were to add a new A record now that my host account is set up?

Thank you for your time and help

Yes. Since you have managed to add in MX and SPF records to the VPanel and the email is working, there is no need to change nameservers


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