Email forwarding - conflict between existing host and Infinity


I have a domain hosted by Fasthosts currently which includes free email forwarding. If I now what to use Infinity to start to build a website for my domain, Infinity stipulates that they wish to host the domain, but if I do that, it will screw the email forwarding through Fasthosts. Is there a way to resolve this quandary? I am led to believe there is email forwarding with InfinityFree, but I am unable to find where I could set that up. Can anyone point me in the right direction or let me know how I might be able to resolve this problem?

I would be very grateful, this is my first foray into website building.

Many thanks,


Welcome to the fourm @ayoward !

To setup your InfinityFree account, you must change your nameservers. However, once the account creation is complete, you can change the nameservers back to Fasthosts and setup an A record with the IP of your account. Let me know if you don’t understand!


Alternatively, you can still point the MX records from infinity free vPanel to your old host (Fasthosts).


Thanks so much for your quick response. Is it just an A record for WWW or can I make an A record without a hostname that would point anything except mailserver for example to my Infinity IP?

Thank you. I will try this if the A record does not work.

Unfortunately there is not option to manage the A record at InfinityFree’s vPanel. Please use Cloudflare.

I can add A record at Fasthosts though to point to Infinity right?

Umm just pint the domain to the IP assigned to your account. It can be found in the client area!

If Fasthosts has that functionality, yes. You will need to set two records, one with “@” and one with “www”. They should both point to the IP of your account (Found in the client area)


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