Email error - access denied?

I am trying to send an email from hotmail to the below address and get this error. Any advice on how to resolve would be appreciated. rejected your message to the following email addresses:

fixa ([email protected])
Your message couldn’t be delivered because an email server outside Office 365 reported an error that it couldn’t relay your message. It’s likely that the email server isn’t correctly set up to receive and relay messages from your domain. To fix this, forward this non-delivery report (NDR) message to your email admin.

For Email Admins
The sender’s message was routed to an email server outside Office 365 but that email server returned the error below. It’s likely that the email server that reported error isn’t set up correctly to receive and relay messages sent from the sender’s domain. The server is not an Office 365 server - it will usually be one of your on-premises servers in a hybrid environment, a server at a smart host email service that you’re trying to route messages through, or possibly even a server at an email hosting service you used in the past yet still have mail flow settings pointing to (for example, when your MX record at your domain registrar still points to your previous email service provider).

To fix this, check the server name to determine what domain, service, or server is reporting the error. The email server needs to be configured to either accept messages from anonymous users or to include the sending domain or sending IP address in its list of authenticated senders. On an Exchange server, you can set this up in the server’s receive connector. If it’s a smart host managed by another service or partner, contact the service or partner to configure their servers to accept and relay messages from your senders. Also, work with your domain registrar to make sure your MX records are properly configured. gave this error:
Remote server returned not permitted to relay → 554 5.7.1 [email protected]: Relay access denied

Diagnostic information for administrators:

Generating server:

[email protected]
Remote Server returned ‘550 5.7.367 Remote server returned not permitted to relay → 554 5.7.1 [email protected]: Relay access denied’

Original message headers:

You might look here, scroll down to the section marked Email.

There are links to knowledge base articles that may help you fix it on your own, or direct you to who can resolve it. Keep in mind this may not be a resolvable item on free hosting without a workaround, see the link below for how to do that.


Thanks for the reply.

If I am understanding your correctly I need to setup a 3rd party PHP and add the script?!

The next step is to set up a script to use PHPMailer to send email.

This all seems a bit over the top just to be able to receive emails using - inbox is working, just unable to send to hotmail currently.

I didn’t say you need to do that, but that could be a possibility if nothing else works.

Did you read the information in the articles that might apply to your situation under the Email heading here

There may be other options in those articles to help resolve the issue before you’d have to use the workaround of setting up sending mail with gmail SMTP


Yes I did go through but I didn’t see any that applied to me here.

I am not sure I understand why an email service I am using cannot receive emails from hotmail and mentions being rejected by rejected your message to the following email addresses: - this brings me to the forum for help.

Are there additional settings I need to setup at inifnity portal that maybe I have missed?

Thanks for using the knowledge base, :grinning:

I don’t know as much as others do about the email settings for various situations. Somebody that knows more than I do will see this topic and answer your questions.

I went through these but I did not think they applied to what to my situation.

unless its Mx related?


Note that MX records do not affect sending emails. Also, if you didn’t create an email account before, then you can’t send messages from your normal email address to it, and creating an email account is not supported on free hosting, unless you already have one. To do that (and so receive emails on your custom email address), you either need to change email provider to one that supports it (for example, Zoho and Yandex still offer free tiers), or upgrade to Premium Hosting as it offers many features.


Create an email account before - where? not sure if I had one I will need to check,

Never say never, but I’d say no since they don’t affect sending emails.


On the “Email Accounts” section of the Control Panel, but as I said before:

i can see accounts under email , dont these work?


Choose MX Records, not Email Accounts to see your MX Records, or click on the MX Records button.

I see the following listed there

Did I miss something? As I understand it, the original post is about being unable to receive email from Hotmail, not sending email. is our free hosting mail server. The reason it doesn’t accept the messages for [email protected] is because the mail server has no records of this email address, or even that domain name.

Normally, the fix would be to just create the email account or forwarder. However, we recently disabled the email feature, so you’ll need to find another service to handle that part.


That looks like the issue thank you.

maybe I have done this wrong but I dont understand why the email is going via mail server?

NameCheap provide a domain service and email, the email is done via

got it working , almost :slight_smile:

Where can I add add DKIM records?

You can’t add DKIM records on free hosting. If you use your own nameservers (like Cloudflare’s ones) you could do that.

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Can I get the A records to locate my IP? ill switch nameservers and add the records there

ok looks done and working

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