Email dot trick

i singup to infinityfree 7 times with one email using
Now i forgot where the dots are
What to do

Please note signing up with more than one email violates the TOS, making it illegal. I cannot help you 1) because it is your email to keep track of and 2) I won’t help someone abuse free hosting.
Sorry for the inconvenience you caused yourself.

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hi i uses different email

Like I said earlier:

Unless you had trouble signing up with the other emails, you can use the email you forgot, and no other ones ( because of what I said earlier).

  • I will never help a person who has violated the TOS 7 times.
  • The dots with email were generated on a random basis and it was your responsibility to track them down if in a notepad.
  • No one, even the admin, would be helping you :frowning: for it has no reason to be helped.
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This kind of spamming is exactly why we have implemented measures to prevent this.

You are only allowed to have one client area profile and three hosting accounts. We’re not going to support you in violating our terms.


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