email does not work, or email redirection

I do not receive emails, nor can I send them. I have the mx registry pointed to and even so it still does not work, I also probe with and it still does not work, nor the mail address in roundcube, nor the mail redirection either, which may be happening ?

The MX record may propagate after publishing the changes, or if you configured your domain registrar’s nameservers or Cloudflare, you need to put another MX record on their DNS section with your domain name as name and as value or and priority of 10. Then save the changes and wait for the MX record to propagate.

In order to help you, can you please answer the following questions?

  • On which domain are you experiencing this problem (which helps us to check your settings)?
  • Do you get any error messages when trying to send or receive messages?
  • Which email providers did you try sending messages to and from?

Note that MX records control which email provider is responsible for handling incoming email for a domain. MX records do not influence outgoing email*.

*: Some spam filters check if a valid MX record is present, but that doesn’t have to point to the sending server.

Also, to help debug sending issues, you can try to send a message to and see if they can receive it.

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