Email Creation

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: I am not able to create my email id with my domain

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

I am not able to create email id on your hosting panel as it says you wont allow it. How can i communicate without my domain email id. Please resolve.

Email accounts and forwarders can’t be created on free hosting because of spam and abuse on their email servers. If you want them please consider using another email hosting provider (Zoho and Yandex still have free tiers) or upgrade to Premium Hosting as it offers many features.


I may need to send just few emails a day and I wonder if the limitation is for all free hosting customers or just for those high demanding. Thanks to everybody can give a feedback.

Nobody can create any email addresses anymore on free hosting. So these rules are for everyone, regardless of whether you need 1 email address or 10, send no email (only receive), send very little email or send more email.

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There might be an update on the info about InfinityFree because every article on internet says that you provide free email and this is really unfair.

Then that content is definitely outdated.

There are still a few articles in the knowledge base which talk about the free email service. But it should be noted that old email accounts have been grandfathered and are still working today, so these articles are still relevant to some people.

Email accounts should have been removed from all product information already. If that’s not the case, can you please point out where it still says they exist?

If or when the email service is removed entirely, we’ll remove these articles too, of course. But until then, those articles can still be of use to some people.


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