Email Ban

This is so unfair!

You blocked the email service for free accounts due to “Spam issues”, but there doesn’t seem to
be an alternative to your service!
Why did you block it? I know that there are problems with spam, DDoS and other things
but if the websites still work why not the email?!

Could someone at least point me in the direction for an alternative?
Thank you for all answers,
Adam S.

Hello there,

You can use alternative 3rd party email services if you still want to use your custom domain email.
Here are some of these services:

  1. Zoho
  2. Sendgrid (SMTP only)
  3. G Suite (Paid)

These services will already provide you the necessary steps and informations in order for your custom email domain to work.


Looking at the age of your account, I take it you never actually used our email service?

Because let me tell you: it was a piece of garbage. Storage space was tiny, sending limits were tiny, you could only use our locked down webmail service (no custom webmail, desktop or mobile email), the email servers were down often and if they weren’t, you still frequently couldn’t send email due to blacklisting issues with other providers.

Trust me: we’re saving your time by not having you waste effort trying to get that mail service to work. Just find a provider who specializes in email hosting, they will give you a much better service than we ever could.

In my opinion, it would be much more unfair if we’d bait you by saying we provided free email hosting, and then ship you the garbage we used to. We’re not doing that anymore.

We are a website hosting provider. We’re good at hosting websites, so that is what we do. Email hosting is a different game, and one we’re not that good at. We tried offering it as an experiment. The conclusion of the experiment: it doesn’t work.


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