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I moved my domain hosting to InfinityFree because of the great Wordpress hosting. Now I found that I can’t send and receive email. I have registered my domain not with Infinity.

What can I do to enable my email? I checked the MX Records in the control panel, but where do I enter them?

Hello there,

If you are referring to InfinityFree’s own email service, unfortunately it was already deprecated a few months ago and is not supported anymore. Your best option is to use an external email service like Zoho or G Suite (Paid) to be able to send and receive emails with your custom domain.

what are the MX records used for? shouldn’t it go into some DNS setting at my registrar?

No, if you’re using InfinityFree’s nameservers that means any DNS records you want to create will have to be on InfinityFree and not on your registrar. This applies to any web hosting, if you’re using your web hosting provider’s nameservers, you will have to create DNS records on your hosting provider’s side.

To add MX records, Go to the Control Panel → Go to “MX Entry” settings under the “Email” Section → Create/Add any MX records you want

yes, I see the mx records in the control panel, but I don’t know how to use them.

I read the How to set MX records on your domain - Docs - InfinityFree Forum
and all other topics, but I’m still clueless why the email doesn’t work

MX records are used so that you are able to receive emails since InfinityFree’s email feature has already been deprecated you don’t need to add InfinityFree’s MX records because you will not receive any emails.

So you will have to use an external email service like Zoho and G Suite and they will provide you an MX record that you will need to add here. To add the MX records that they provided you:

Also your email provider should provide you an instruction and guide about how to add MX records.


OH, ok, now I understand. Thank you so much for explaining everything so patiently.

I’m glad you undertand since I’m really bad at explain things. Anyways you’re welcome and good luck!

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