Email Accounts should be started again in the free hosting

Free Email Accounts should be started again in the free hosting. At least 1 free account should be given. Because it is highly necessary.

try something like Zoho mail instead?


How to use that?

I posted a guide for three email providers (Zoho Mail, Migadu and Yandex) on another article before:


Thank you for the kind help.

Hello, Zoho is telling me to set hostname as @, but there is no option for hostname in the MX Entry. How to add the required MX record properly?

The hostname should be the domain in your case, so choose the domain, then as MX Record you need to set and priority 10. Then click on “Add” and do the same with the second MX record, but change with and priority to 20.


After adding the MX records to your domain, you need to wait at least 24 hours before the changes will be propagated, after which you can setup SPF records.


But though I do Zoho can’t recognize

Thank you. I will report you tomorrow.

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No report. Because my website has been hacked. I don’t know why and how it was hacked. Please close this topic.

How to enable DKIM in Zoho? It is asking me to add a verified selector fi


You can’t add DKIM records on free hosting. So you can just ignore that step.

Thank you. Do I have to do anything else in Zoho to receive mails?

You don’t have to do anything else in Zoho to receive emails. Just create an email address and access the Zoho Webmail now.

Thank you. But as you probably know my website was hacked and I created an account with the same domain, I had to delete my domain in Zoho and now it is not letting me re-add it. What to do now?

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