Email Account, Webmail, Forwarders issues

The webmail server don’t receive emails from gmail

so how it will receive emails?

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Hello, I know you’ve said you will update when you have news, but the last update was on October. Will this ever be fixed? Is there actual people working on getting this fixed? I think we need to know at least that much, that way we will know what to expect and what not to expect.


Is the entire webmail down? I try to connect to here but get an error:
The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

We set up the included webmail for my girlfriend’s business recently and it all seemed to work ok until last week.

I have read the sticky but i cant tell, would it make any difference if we upgraded to the premium version at this stage? Would she be able to go back to accessing her email straight away, is the problem across the whole system or just the free part

Absolutely! The premium hosting email system has literally nothing in common with the free hosting system. They use different software, different architectural design and run on different servers. This goes for most of the aspects of premium hosting, actually.

After a discussion with ifastnet explaining the details and the need to access any legacy content, we signed up for a premium account.

They have given us the same functioning email address but have singulalry failed to dig out any of the existing content from the free webmail service.

And seem to be playing dumb by firing standardised responses to us rather than answering the actual question being asked.

Any news on this? I can send and recieve emails ok, but my forwarder is not working (and it worked not long ago) but I´ve been trying to get it fixed and today I noticed I can recieve emails in my webmail´s address and I can also send so I´m guessing the problem is just with the forwarder not doing its thing… Thanks!

Because, again, the systems are very different making it next to impossible to migrate any of the content. To my knowledge, iFastNet only imports website files and databases, not emails.

Are you forwarding to Gmail by any chance? If you are (and maybe even if you are not), then this article may explain what’s going on:

While it’s an issue, that’s an inherent limitation of how email forwarders work, and how some other providers detect spam. So it’s not the subject of this topic, or something that we can remotely easily solve.

I dont know when forwarders will be active… Waiting for the day… it is not working for me…

I am having the same problem as of 5th march. Can you login to your webmail now.

Are you able to send and receive emails properly ?

Hmm… Now my issues is resolved

spot on, I agree one hundred percent

Im not going to go to premium you know, so if you are deliberately interfering with free e-mail accounts to make us go to premium, then you are wasting your time with mine, it will never happen OK??

No! This is totally wrong. I trust Infinity Free and iFastNet. They will never do this for more promotions to premium hosting. They are altering the email accounts on free accounts for our betterment only. So this is wrong

I think all the email system are now properly working

Am I right??

Why would we deliberately break the email service? How is providing a broken email service a good promotion for a paid service? Why would people buy an upgrade from a provider who ships broken services?

There are some things which do work with premium hosting but not with free hosting, but then we clearly say they are exclusive features, rather than saying we provide the features and then ship them broken. Like IMAP, POP and SMTP access for email!

Ideally, we would like to provide a great free hosting service, with some clearly communicated limitations. That way, we can build people’s trust in our ability to provide a high quality service. So if people do reach the clear limitations, they can upgrade knowing that they will receive a high quality service again.

Which is why it’s such a shame the email system is working so poorly now.

Premium hosting is not affected by this issue because the premium hosting email system is setup in a fundamentally different way. The free hosting email system is not representative of the premium hosting email system.

To my knowledge, no, the email system is not working properly. Yes, it’s “working”, but it has been “working” most of the time in the last few months. However, in the last few months, there have also been multiple severe outages, and still many issues with email processing.

So just because it’s not fully broken at this moment, does not mean the issues have been resolved.